Collaborative, Online, Music Suite

What is WeTracker?

WeTracker is a web based music composition application, bringing the world of ditial audio into the browser. Create your music wherever you find the muse, just login to the site from a Chrome or Firefox browser and start creating.

WeTracker has a heritage that can be traced back to the old school music trackers of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s era, used prolifically in game music and the “demoscene”. Instruments are created by using samples of real instruments, or taken from synthesizers, once loaded into the system, you can apply volume and panning waveforms to control the playback of the sample. Music is created by playing these instruments in “patterns”. A pattern is a sequence of instructions to do various things with the instruments, including playing notes and applying various effects such as vibrato, volume/pitch slide, arpeggios, etc. These patterns are then played in a sequence, repeating if required to form the song.

WeTracker extends the capabilities of traditional trackers with built in effect plugins for things like chorus, compression, filters etc. These can be chained together and applied to each track to create amazing effects otherwise difficult to achieve in a standard tracker.


Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself, it runs well in the latest Chrome and Firefox, you can load songs in FastTracker 2 .xm format, or if you’re musically minded, start from scratch and load your own instrument samples into the instrument editor in .wav or .mp3 format and start writing your own music, and let me know how you get on.

WeTracker Demo

Try loading some songs from Modland.com


Currently very much work in progress, early in development. Feel free to stop by the github project and give me some feedback, ideas and suggestions welcome. Contributions are also welcome, just clone and submit a pull request. I’m always keen to get enhancement requests or bug reports, just add an issue to the github project, follow the guidelines in the template when you create a new issue to get the best chance of a response.

I’m very keen to hear from any tracker musicians who might be interested in collaborating to make WeTracker a powerful online tracker solution, contact me if you’re interested.

Read the docs for usage details and guides.