Multiple Columns Per Track
Adding support for multiple note columns on each track, to allow for chords and other effects without having to duplicate effect chains.
02 Mar 2017 » Track Effect Chains
Implementing per track effects chains.
Track Effect Chains
Cut and Paste
25 Jan 2017 » Cut and Paste
Implementing cut and paste in the pattern editor.
22 Jan 2017 » Undo and Redo
WeTracker now has a full undo/redo system.
Undo and Redo
Improved Track Mute Controls
Adding enhanced controls to the monitors to enable and disable playback at the track level.
Implementing a database back-end to serve songs and other assets to the WeTracker application.
WeTracker Backend Service
Fully Operational Instrument Editor
Another step towards a fully functioning authoring interface, introducing a new 'view' and a whole bunch of new widgets to support instrument creation and editing.
Major changes to the internals of the audio engine that plays the music. Now much more in-line with WebAudio, and more amenable to advanced features such as filters and effects.
Major Update to the Player Code!
New Pattern Editor Method
More experimentation into the fastest and most effective method for rendering the pattern editor in the interface. This time, influenced by the work of [a1k0n](, tying to use the HTML5 canvas and 2d rendering capabilities.
28 Nov 2016 » Reboot!
After a successful experiment, I have decided to reboot the project, basing on a much simpler approach using pure Javascript and JQuery, rather than a more feature rich framework like React.
Creating a Simple, Fast Pattern Editor in HTML
An experiment to prove the potential to create a some, light and fast pattern editor, akin to the ones found in FastTrackerII, MilkyTracker, etc. in pure HTML.