Since adding the support for effect chains to WeTracker, one weakness has concerned me. In order to allow the playing of chords it is necessary to use multiple tracks, a common practice in tracker composition when needing to play chords, or effectively support polyphony. However, this is complicated by the use of effect chains, as to fully support this, you’d need to duplicate the effect chain exactly on each track.

Now WeTracker supports multiple columns per track. This effectively allows you to play many notes, much the same as using multiple tracks for chords, while having them feed through a single track, and therefore a single effect chain.

Fig1. - Multiple Columns

As you can see from the image in figure 1, Track 01 now has two columns, any notes played on either of those two columns will be affected by any effects chain applied to Track 01 equally.

You will also notice a new per track control panel, currently containing just add and remove column buttons, this will extend over time to include additional functionality for controlling track specific actions.

Onwards and upwards…