Note: This documentation is currently under heavy construction.


At the top of the screen is the Transport, this is a fixed set of controls that are generally useful irresepctive of which tab you’re currently working in.

new Reset
Reinitialise the application to the default state, with an empty song and two sample instruments.
save Save
Download your current song as WeTracker JSON format.
load Load
Load a song, in WeTracker JSON format or FastTrackerII .xm format.
play Play
Begin playing the whole song from the start.
play pattern Play Pattern
Play the current pattern in a continuous cycle.
pause Pause
Pause playback.
stop Stop
Stop playback and reset play position, also stops any looping instruments that have been triggered from the keyboard.
restart Restart
Go back to the start of the song.
octave Octave
Change the octave that the keyboard plays, this is the octave that the ‘Z’ key will play a C note in.
speed Speed
Change the speed of the song, this is effectively the number of ticks per row, higher will have the effect of slowing the song down but give more control over effects between rows.
bpm BPM
Change the number of beats/rows per minute, use in combination with speed to get the song playback speed.
volume Master Volume
Master playback volume, affects all tracks.

You can edit the octave values in the Transpora directlt, or use “”” and “|” to increment and decrement the current octave value.