Note: This documentation is currently under heavy construction.


This widget displays the sequence of patterns that form the song. Each pattern is a set of instruction rows (see Pattern Editor), the sequence defines the order that these patterns are played in.

The sequence editor widget consists of two main areas, the sequence list and the control panel.

Sequence List

The sequence list consists of two columns, the first column is the sequence index, the second, the pattern number to play at that point in the sequence. The sequence numbers are fixed, incrementing. As you add new items in the sequence, the list grows automatically. The pattern numbers can be modified freely. This allows you to control the sequence of patterns, including repeating certain patterns, and playing in different orders. The current position in the sequence is highlighted by a grey border. In the image shown, the song is currently at position 4, which is pattern number 99.

The sequence list can be scrolled using the mouse wheel or touchpad, the interface will keep the current entry in the middle of the widget, and scroll the list through the current selection marker. As the sequence is scrolled, the Pattern Editor will update to show the referenced pattern.

Control Panel

The control panel contains buttons to modify and extend the pattern sequence. From the top to the bottom.

add Add To Sequence
Add a new entry to the sequence table below the currently selected sequence position and set the pattern to the next available new pattern index, effectively creating a new empty pattern.
remove Remove From Sequence
Remove the currently selected entry from the sequence list. The sequence table is shifted, keeping the remaining pattern numbers untouched. This does not currently delete the pattern from the song, if there are instructions in the removed pattern, should that pattern be used in another sequence index, using the increment and decrement buttons, the instructions will still be there.
increment Increment Pattern
Increment the pattern index at the current sequence position. As the pattern index is incremented, if the pattern already exists, that pattern will be used. If there was previously no pattern with that number in the song, a new, empty pattern will be created, ready to be filled with instructions.
decrement Decrement Pattern
Decrement the pattern index at the current sequence position, behaviour is similar to the increment button with regards to existing or new patterns.
duplicate Duplicate Sequence
Create a new entry in the sequence, below the currently selected one, that references the same pattern index as the current one. The pattern is exactly the same, any changes made to the pattern when either sequence entry is current will affect both, and any others that reference the same pattern.
clone Clone Pattern
Create a new sequence entry below the current one, create a copy of the current pattern with a new index and reference that in the new sequence entry. This is an entirely separate copy of the pattern, changes made to this new one will not affect the original, and vice versa.